The Board

Meet the 2016 PLA Board


Ian Greenhalgh (New South Wales) *

BA(Hons), GDipArts(Lib&InfoSci), MAppSci(Lib&InfoMan)

About me
I love working in public libraries. They’ve been a source of joy for me through most of my working life. The chance of helping someone find out what they need is there every day. To be able to offer that in a framework which enshrines free access to information is also a great and rare privilege.

I manage the Armidale Dumaresq Library, a public library in NSW serving a local area population of 25 thousand. The Library has the busiest loan rate per head of local area population in country New South Wales, possibly due to a combination of cold winters, a literate local population and an admirable materials budget.

Why did I join the PLA board?

My belief in a Federal role and presence for public libraries has been stimulated by many factors, from the Munn-Pitt report to the potentials of the 2003 Senate Committee on the Role of Libraries in the Online Environment. That belief has driven my local level engagement with National Library initiatives (Armidale was one of very few participants in the initial trial of the Libraries Australia interface, one of the first to adopt the Libraries Australia Document Delivery software, and we currently list more than eighty-two percent of our collection on the national database), and stimulated my continuing commitment to the Board of Public Libraries Australia.

* Artwork by David Greenhalgh


Deputy Chair

Georgina Davison
Georgina Davison (Northern Territory)
About me

I have been working in libraries since 1990.  I commenced as a library assistant and worked my way up to Branch Librarian @ Pine Rivers libraries (now Moreton Bay Regional Libraries).  In 2008 I moved to Alice Springs to take up the role of Children’s and Youth Services Librarian.  After 12 months, the then Manager retired, and I successfully applied for the Manager role.  I am extremely passionate about libraries and the role they play in their communities and was lucky enough to be part of the INELI Cohort 2 for the past 2.5 years.  This was an international professional development program run through Global Libraries, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Why did I join the PLA board?

The INELI program and the International network we now have, has inspired me to join the PLA Board and be an active part of the development of innovative Public Libraries in Australia. 


Sue Henczel (Victoria)

About me

Over a diverse and (mostly) happy career in libraries I have held management and operational positions in government, corporate, academic and public libraries and am now a full time consultant and trainer.  I have a long-standing involvement with IFLA and SLA (Special Libraries Association) and have held leadership positions with each of those associations, as well as being an SLA Fellow.  I am a member of the Emerald’s Library Management Editorial Board and Book Review Editor and a member of ASLIB (UK) Advisory Council. I am the author of numerous articles, papers, presentations, chapters and a book on library and information management topics.

Why did I join the PLA Board?

I see PLA as the peak body dedicated to representing, supporting and advocating for public libraries in Australia.  Throughout my career I have been committed to demonstrating the positive impacts that libraries have on their communities and to participating in the development of effective professional support networks for library staff. I see PLA as being well-placed to support public libraries in each of these areas, and more, at local and regional levels as well as at a national and international level. 


Rosalie Dolliver (Western Australia)

About me
I began working in public libraries in 2007 after a return to university studies as a (very) mature age student, looking for a major career change. I was appointed Coordinator of Libraries as well as Branch Library Manager, Midland, for the City of Swan in 2012. The City of Swan has 6 very diverse libraries stretching over 1,044 square kilometres.  We have a unique blend of residential, commercial, industrial and rural land, with an estimated 132,083 residents in 2015, and rising rapidly. I thoroughly enjoy coming to work each day, as my job is constantly evolving and a lot of fun. We continually evaluate and assess our customers’ and Council needs, then modify and add accordingly to what we offer our library customers, all the while working smarter with less staff and more tasks.  
Why did I join the PLA board?
I have joined the PLA as the representative for WA on behalf of Public Libraries Western Australia (PLWA). We are keen to collaborate with PLA during this time of innovative change within public libraries, and feel it is important to work closely with all States and Territories as we work towards a unified voice federally and state-wide. 

 Appointed Director

Steve O'Connor

About me

I have much experience managing and planning for the futures of major organisations, and I am the author of over 60 articles and a presenter at conferences many times over nationally and internationally.  I am also the author of a book on Scenario Planning revealing in a practical manner how to enable libraries and information services to break out of their strategic mould and to create new futures for their organisations.  I work to create creative and dynamic communities who deliver strong results for their clients.

  • I have consulted, presented and taught internationally and, most recently, extensively across China. 
  • I am the Editor of Library Management and the newly created Library Management China (completely in Chinese).
  • I have conducted scenario planning projects for many libraries and also for Lyrasis which is the largest Library Consortium organisation in the United States. 
  • I have worked in Libraries most of my career and for over the past twenty plus years have been in charge of two major academic libraries.  In this time I have also been the CEO of a significant not-for-profit company providing a range of services to all sectors of libraries.
  • I am currently Adjunct Professor, School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University; and Director, Information Exponentials: Information and Communications Management and Planning

Why did I join the PLA board?

I have been appointed as a PLA Board Director while Sue Henczel takes a leave of absence. I am looking forward to working closely with the Board and hearing from, and talking to, members.

Appointed Directors

Up to four (4) Directors may be appointed by the Elected Board.

These Directors may be sourced from the PLA membership or from library or local government based organisations (see the PLA Constitution for more details)

Board Vacancies

A Board Vacancy exists for Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania

Executive Officer / Company Secretary

Roger Henshaw (New South Wales)